The Revenant Novels

Volume One – Life and Revenge

Released January 2021 via Amazon Kindle Publishing in both paperback and eBook

Life and Revenge is volume one of three.

On many worlds the existence of gods is often much debated. Not so for the people of Ath-Gnosha. To this day they teach, with no small measure of existential horror, of how the gods of old came to them. Of how they still fight the remnants of their creations on distant shores in a never ending war.

Wyatt has awoken on a cold stone floor, a continent away from his last memories and with no idea of how he came to be there. He must first reach home, and from there seek his answers. Along the way he comes to understand new and maddening things about himself and the nature of his world.

Volume Two – Witch of The Oasis

Currently in the works and targeted for early 2022. Other short stories will be released before so keep a look out!